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Odie’s Astral Body was Jacked

This blog was originally posted in 2013. Since then Odie has made so many profound changes and has become a truly happy dog. And so well loved.

One of the healings I offer is an Astral Body Healing. Astral bodies are very much like physical bodies, it is the spiritual body that you dream with. It is the next less dense body from the physical, an exact copy that clips into the physical. Astral bodies take on a lot of energy. Astral Bodies help to clear energy before it hits the physical body. It can also hold on to energy thus rendering the physical body impaired in some way. When the astral body is the effect of this energy they can look very different than the physical body it reflects. Sometimes this energy is not even from this lifetime.

I gave Odie a healing a couple nights ago. It was an astral body healing, not a usual healing that I do with animals. Odie’s astral body was jacked. His astral body looked like a fossil. Not just bones, but bones that had turned to iron. It was like a spine, rib cage and lower jaw that had fossilized. So, when Odie slept and came back to his physical body this armature pinched and grabbed his little body. He has always had a hard time waking up. He growls and lunges if you even say good morning. It has always seemed that he is disoriented, not sure what is real. I have always thought this was primarily because he is blind (Odie is blind due to severe glaucoma which forced the removal of both eyes), but now after seeing his astral body, I know that there is more at work here.

(drawing of Odie’s Astral Body and Odie)

When I began the healing of his astral body, the armature demanded that I just look at it. Hold space for the pain that Odie has endured and have reverence for the dramatic shift that was taking place. Odie was unsure of what else there could be if this were not part of his reality. I moved it off to the side and let it and Odie rest. In the mean time I helped him rebuild his astral body, restoring from the original blue print from this lifetime; what he came in to be. I saw Odie as a little puppy, cute and perky and sweet. This is just a small part of a big blue light that encompasses Odie’s whole spirit. After bringing the original blue print in, Odie was much more open to letting the old armature go. He allowed me to erase it. I can still see that he has a mental image picture that it is still there, but it is de-energized, holding no charge. It sits outside his aura, like a postcard, and everyday is fading more and more allowing Odie to experience what is going on around him without this painful filter. I brought his astral body into present time and clipped it into his physical body. Odie slept through much of his healing and just as I finished clearing out his aura he awoke and smacked his lips. I went to bed.

In the morning I awoke to hear Odie’s familiar growls but there was an added sound of self-soothing. An almost swallowed sound, one that he makes when he is begging for food and knows not to bark. Shortly after that he began to dance around happily prancing and ready for his day. We went for a nice walk knowing that from this day forward all is different. He still may have bad days, but he no longer has to endure the discomfort of a fossilized armature squeezing him all the time.

I have had Odie for almost 2 years now. There is not a week that goes by that there isn’t some major shift. Maybe he’s cranky, maybe he’s happy, maybe I just can’t handle him anymore, it all just keeps moving forward. This week I think we have turned a corner, a new beginning. We have found enough safety to finally have this healing.

Just think, if this can be so profound for a little blind dog, just imagine what it will do for your life…

Puchi Strikes Again

Please enjoy this republished blog.
The Lovely @fabulous_shihtzu of Instagram has added ME to her long list of hilarious and exciting stories. Here is the original link to her website and all of the stories she’s written about my friends and below is a copy story she wrote for Me.
Thank you @Fabulous_ShihTzu You have been given the truest name! #Fabulous


You don’t need eyes to see your dreams come true.

Odie is an extraordinary Shih-Tzu who sees the world in his own unique way. His driving forces in life are made of dreams and passions. Let me tell you his story – a story about a passionate man with a dream.

The Passion

He could sense them miles away. When asked about his biggest passion, he would always say:

What can you say? Who made ’em? God must have been a fluffin’ genius. The hair… They say the hair is everything, you know. Have you ever buried your nose in a mountain of curls… just wanted to go to sleep forever? Or lips… and when they touched, yours were like… that first swallow of wine… after you just crossed the desert. Boobs. Hoo-ah! Big ones, little ones, nipples staring right out at ya, like secret searchlights. Mmm. Legs. I don’t care if they’re Greek columns… or secondhand Steinways. What’s between ’em… passport to heaven. I need a drink.*

A woman is like a riddle. To solve that riddle you must understand her, know her, hear her every thought, see her every dream, and give her wings when she wants to fly. Sounds like a Bryan Adams’s song, right?

And that’s exactly what Odie did. In order to pursue his biggest passion, Odie simply employed all his side passions… and he had plenty of those.

Charlie Sheen has nothing on me!

The Side Passions

Odie’s passion for fairy tales landed him a date with Cinderella. Odie decided to have an early date for two major reasons. Firstly, we know what happens to Cinderella once the clock hits 12. Last and least, if you keep the shoe, you gotta marry her. Odie wasn’t ready for that type of commitment.

Odie keeping a paw on the shoes…

Odie’s passion for shenanigans resulted in a date with an Irish beauty from Dublin. After a few drinks at the local Irish bar, Odie was dreaming of a green Christmas in Dublin. Hence, Christmas was too far in the future and Odie didn’t like to plan so far ahead, the Irish beauty returned to Dublin solo.

Late night date with an Irish beauty.

Odie’s passion for yoga and healthy life style led him straight into the arms of a vegetarian yoga instructor. Every morning, he reluctantly joined her for a yoga routine in the park. Excluding the meat from his diet had disturbing effects on his psyche. He started seeing things that weren’t there… like other women. As a memory of the good yogin’ times, Odie kept a poster of yoga exercises for beginners.

Sun salutation as a yoga free man…

Odie’s passion for Broadway musicals made him to fall for a Broadway dancer. They danced every time they met. Odie’s dancing skills improved so much that it made Dancing with the Starscontestants look like a bunch of little kids two stepping. They both tried out before a demanding director for a part in a new musical called A Chorus Line. Odie got the job, the dancer didn’t. End of that story.

Zach: What made you start dancing? Odie: Who knows? I’m a dog. We jump around a lot.**

Odie’s passion for pretty heart-shaped stones sparkled the interest of a famous geology professor Mrs. Flintstone. As you can imagine, her husband Mr. Flintstone was not very fond of the affair. And while the TV-show ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ was only two episodes deep, Odie decided to end the stone age affair before the end of the 3rd episode.

Odie was a rolling stone…

Odie’s passion for zuigerphobia ended in a short term relationship with a very cute neat freak. Cute but psycho cured his fear of vacuum cleaners in no time. However, as a side effect, Odie has developed a phobia for neat freaks.

Odie battling a neat freak attack.

This cutie had a passion for Odie. She would pop up out of nowhere with fresh baked cookies in her little basket. To shy to make a move, she would just stand there and stare, which made Odie very uncomfortable.

This little blue stalking hood loves her some Odie…

Odie’s passion for ordering stuff online almost got him in real trouble with a mail-order-bride he didn’t order… as he claims. One day, a package was delivered to Odie’s house. In the beautifully wrapped package he found a cute little thing called Odiena… and her off-spring Odie Junior. Child support was the first thing that crossed Odie’s mind. Luckily, Odiena was not Billie Jean and Odie Jr. was not his son. Odie and Odiena quickly discovered their mutual love for tacos, sombreros and Margaritas. Yet, Odiena didn’t share Odie’s love for senoritas. They decided that it would be best if they remained friends with occasional benefits.


The Dream

His passion gave him the courage to take a shot at his dream. But passion alone is not enough to make your dreams come true. It requires hard work and dedication. Starting his own non-profit organization has always been Odie’s biggest dream. Inspired by his Momager’s passion to encourage and empower women to heal with their spirit and transform their lives, Odie saw an excellent opportunity. While innocently eavesdropping to womens’ conversations, Odie had realized that blindness of love was not just a figure of speech. According to his further research, love suppresses the activity of the brain areas that control critical thought.

That’s when it suddenly all made sense. If love is blind and so is Odie then… Odie is love!

The expression love is blind was first found in Chaucer’s Merchant’s Tale, circa 1405:

For loue is blynd alday and may nat see.

191 years later, Shakespeare reused the expression in his The Merchant Of Venice, 1596:

But love is blind and lovers cannot see

419 years later, the idea to start a non-profit consulting service for women calledLove is Blind was born.

First thing first, Odie conducted an extensive SWOT analysis to better understand his own strengths and weaknesses.


Odie traveled to Cleveland, North Carolina, New Mexico just to meet with different women and to determine what women want. After countless dates, Odie came to the conclusion that women want love. Love, regardless of its size, shape, color, or any other infirmities. Intelligent, ambitious, sexy, smart, funny, stable, confident love. Everything he was. But… there is only one Odie.

Odie’s dating schedule

Odie invited Flávio aka Don Juan de Flávio and Scruffy the diva impersonator to join his non-profit as silent partners. Both of them were the ultimate connoisseurs of women’s nature. While Flavio’s seduction skills and experience with women helped Odie recognize the red flags, Scruffy’s gender switching ability helped Odie discover his feminine side.

To promote his non-profit concept, Odie held speeches at the BlogPawsConference in Las Vegas and at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

The red carpet Odie…

You don’t need to explain your awkward love choices. To get a free love advice from Odie, please visit odieseyes website now.

*Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade
**A Chorus Line

All images @odieseyes

Go Visit!

We had a Miracle

Over the past 2 weeks or so Odie had been throwing up every, or every other morning Nothing big, just some fluffy spitty stuff. He would then have the loudest belly sounds ever. Gurgles and squeals. You could hear them all over the house, upstairs, downstairs. They were soo loud! Since this was before he ate I thought they might be hunger noises. He has been eating and pooping normally. I also live with 5 cats (2 of them 16+ y/o) so barf is not an abnormal thing.

I didn’t really worry too much about it. Then on Thursday (9/18) he barfed 4 times in the morning. I decided to give him a little fast so that his system could have a rest. I knew that if he was barfing that much with no food there was something wrong. I decided to keep an eye on him and see how he was over the course of the day. Throughout the day he was normal sleeping eating playing sleeping.

I turned my attention to the computer and my Instagram hobby (addiction?). Weeks ago I met a sweet little dog, Scottys_Social_Network, a one-eyed Shih-Tzu. Us one eyed and no eyed  Shih-Tzu moms need to stick together! But just as I met him he became very sick. Turns out he has intestinal cancer and on Thursday (9/18)  had emergency surgery for a ruptured mass. Scotty’s mom began a crowd-funding site and I decided to donate. I remember how relieved I was when I as able to pay for Odie’s eye removal surgery through the generous donation of friends, family and strangers. I shared Scotty’s story and then went on with my day.


That night I had soup for dinner and decided to let Odie lick the bowl. There was a teeny tiny piece of kale in the bowl and Odie scarfed it right down. Shortly after he threw up again and this time there was a big chunk of something. As I mentioned I am a cat-owner so, large things in barf is also not foreign to me. But then I realized that dogs don’t really harf up hairballs. I fished it out of the garbage and took a fork and knife to the slimy thing. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was a corn cob. Odie had broken off and swallowed a piece of corn cob more than 2 weeks ago. It had sat in his stomach for  2 weeks! I was amazed that it had not changed at all. Still a corn-cob with bits of corn still on it. Just a bit more gray. Whoa! yuck!

Odie Corn Cob

I thought about the bullet that we had dodged and how horrible abdominal surgery is. And then I saw Scotty. He so clearly said hello to us and gave Odie an amazing healing. Helping Odie move that corn-cob out and settling his stomach; Kind of a spiritual Heimlich maneuver. Chills went through me as I realized this was a miracle. I thanked Scotty and sent him a healing as well.

As an animal communicator I talk to animals everyday and help them and their people through all sorts of issues. I’ve never met Scotty or his mom. I’ve sent healings almost everyday to help ease his and his mom’s pain. When an animal touches your life without ever even meeting them the power of spirit cannot be denied. I am forever thankful to Scotty for his angelic help with Odie.

Animals are made of love and with that love, even in their hardest moments can create miracles not only for those around them but for complete strangers as well. I have to say that I don’t feel like Scotty is a stranger any more.

If you are interested in helping Scotty’s Mom financially, or just by saying a healing prayer here is a link to his crowd fund site.

It is with a heavy heart that I finish this post. This was written the day of Scotty’s surgery. My intention was to post this to support Scotty’s healing. Friday 9/19 Scotty took his next step. Sometimes we are not clear on what the healing is…

Thank you for sharing Scotty and his miracles with us all. Today is Scotty’s 7th birthday and we are all celebrating an amazing life by lighting a candle at 7 PM (in your time zone). Take time to reflect on the amazing animals that have graced your life and remeber even though they may not be in their furry little bodies anymore, they are always with us in our hearts and in spirit.

Scotty Memorial

Squeeze your babies tight tonight and remember, no corn-cobs!

(As you can imagine there are still many bills left for Scotty’s mom to deal with. The funding site is still up if you would like to help out in memory of Scotty or of someone that you have loved and lost. Thank you)

Happy Anniversary, Odie! (My No-Eyed Shih-Tzu)

It has been 3 years since I adopted Odie. He was rescued from CACC by Thee Fishbowl in Evanston IL. And what an adventure it has been!
Odie first haircut
(Odie’s first haircut)

Odie came to me tired and worn after who knows how long in a shelter after who knows how many homes. He slept for the first two weeks and was very docile in the beginning. We had our challenges as to who was in charge. We both had our meltdowns. Marlene, from Bark Busters, helped me tremendously by showing me what it meant to have a dog, having been a cat person forever.

Odie has traveled with me to Cleveland, North Carolina, New Mexico and most recently accompanied me to BlogPaws Conference, in Las Vegas, and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. He loves to fly and ride in the car and sees traveling as a great partnership…even when I steer him into a pole on occasion (by accident!).

photo 3              odie Kanab
(Odie at BlogPaws with his new friend Manny the Frenchie) (Odie enjoying the view in Kanab)

One of the things I learned early on with Odie is that he is an agent of change.  He came to me so well trained and in the last three years he has adjusted, generally, to a house with five cats.

Odie came in at a time when I was working for myself, having just moved to my first house and spending a lot of time at home. He seemed to take it upon himself to get me out of the house. The routine of walking him allowed for so much creation in my business (step away from the computer!).

When I adopted Odie, he came with severe glaucoma.  After about nine months, he made it clear it was making him very uncomfortable. With great enthusiasm, he helped me raise funds, and within a month we had raised enough money to cover the cost of his surgery (double eye removal). He struggled with tremendous pain immediately after the surgery, but within a few days, he came through like a champ and is so much more comfortable as a no-eyed Shih-Tzu.

Odie after surgery
(about a week after surgery, they left him with a little goatee)

Odie has opened up so many doors to me in the three years we have spent together. He opened the doors of vulnerability, growth and partnership delivering me to the door of another wonderful adventurous relationship. And as a dear friend said to me when I told her I adopted Odie, “Get a dog, get a man!” The three of us have been on so many adventures in the past two and a half years.

Odie and DBF)

Our most recent adventure took place while we were in Kanab, Utah. After walking the labyrinth in Angel’s Overlook Cemetery at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, we stood on what felt like the edge of the world, facing the full moon rising, while the sun set behind us — with a furiously blowing wind. I made the decision to let go of all of my burdens and all of my mock-ups, to set them free to the wind and the moon. Once I felt complete, I turned to walk back to the car when Odie pulled and clearly said “I’m not done!” I paused and he sat down facing the wind and the moon;  then, with a big gust of wind, Odie let it go too. It was amazing to share this moment with him.

photo  photo 1 photo 3
Angel’s Overlook, Odie with rock “Angel’s Gather Here”, Labyrinth )

I look forward to more amazing adventures with Odie. He now has a Facebook page and Instagram site. I know that we are still lighting each other up as we learn to trust more and feel safe in our ever changing realities.  We continue to grow and change together discovering everything we cannot see come manifest.


There is no suffering in love

There is no suffering in love. It seems that statement needs to be repeated each time it is expressed.  blog_rev1There is no suffering in love.  Where do we find that feeling?  How to we experience this idea?  How do we have this truth in our lives?  This is the essence of animal communication to me.  This is what animals Are always saying. It is the constant frequency they are broadcasting.  What does it take to hear that frequency?  Do they need to be lost? Broken? Mean? Abused? Destructive? What do we need to see that there is no suffering in love?

This is where I learned this lesson. Two of my cats are disabled, Francy, was hit by a car and Ralfie, was attacked by a dog. Francy, lost all the nerve function in her face, and she has a funny gait. Ralfie, lost an eye, lost sight in the other eye, her jaw was broken and now her tongue sticks out all the time.  I met them three weeks after moving to Chicago from NYC and I felt as broken as they looked. When met them they were considered unadoptable do to how they looked, no concerning health problems, just not appealing.  I felt the same way.

They have been great contributors to me becoming an animal communicator.  And through all of my training and practice it still took years to finally hear how their injuries came about.  How did it all happen?  How did it all go down?  They each answered in the same way at different times.  They both said “I got the call”.  Francy told me that she got the call that I was ready.  So she found the road, stepped in front of a car because that is how I could see her.  Ralfie told a similar story.  She got the call and found a neighborhood dog and asked for a favor, injure but do not kill.  The dog obliged and Ralfie ended up at a shelter in a plastic storage container.  I would not have seen them any other way.

The story of Francy and Ralfie is completely about no suffering in love.  They have not suffered in their injuries; they have chosen them with love.  Their mission took them on a road that they trusted would bring them to a loving accepting home. They are my miracles.

I live with these two beautiful girls who love with great abandon anyone who comes through the door.  They are my light and truth that there is no suffering in love.  They show me everyday that animals are always telling us there is no suffering in love.

Next time you are out in the world, with people or with animals, as you gaze into another’s eyes simply say to yourself there is no suffering in love and see how the world changes.