Success Stories

TESTIMONIALBulldogI came to Alicia after rescuing my first dog, Tessa. She was very sick with heartworm and I was afraid she was going to die. Even though we adopted her with this condition I felt like a failure as a new dog parent. When I spoke with Alicia I was able to relax. I remember Alicia told the heartworms to let go of Tessa’s heart. I was impressed that she communicated with the parasite as well as our dog, telling the worms that they did not need to be there. Energetically Alicia saw that Tessa has an open heart chakra, which her mother had filled with cotton wool to protect her from the abusive people who had owned her before us. Alicia was able to remove the wool and let Tessa’s heart chakra open fully. We fell in love with Tessa because she is so full of love—she always has been. But Alicia’s work allowed Tessa to feel the love for us and trust us.  

Tessa fully recovered from the heartworms. She has lived eight years since, and counting. I feel I can see her heart better because of the way Alicia described her. She also talked about my relationship with her on the spiritual plane. We were best friends before this life, and I love the image of the two of us flying around together. I am very happy to be so closely connected with Tessa. She is a wonderful friend.

– Jennifer Walker



I want to send a huge thank you to Alicia who helped us with Cleo’s death. I couldn’t have done it without her amazing communication with Cleo. I was life changing and I am forever in awe of Alicia’s ability to communicate with animals.

–Betsy Trapasso